Updates from Sandakan!!!
As you can see from the above title, I'm still in Sandakan. Hahaha. Time for some updates lar.. Today leh, I did my usual stuff. Nothing unusual-lah.

Well, the gang and I were supposed to go play futsal in the morning but ut was later postponed and then cancelled because there weren't enough players. Then I suggested we went for a drink in the afternoon. Sathiyaa then called me that he'll be picking me up for lunch with the guys at 11.30am. So I waited for them at home.

I was surprised to see Rex in fron of my front gate. When I opened the gate, I saw Chiew and Vimal. They came together with Rex. Later, Sathiyaa's car pulled in front of my car. With him was Gordon and Kevin. They lepak-ed around my house for a few minutes and then we went off to have our lunch at Taman Tyng. Later we went to play some pool and then went to a cybercafe to play CS. Since I don't know how to play CS, I played DotA instead.

After that, we went to Habeeb for a drink then Sathiyaa sent me home. After about an hour, Sathiyaa messaged me that the futsal game is on and he'll be fetching me at around 9.30pm. Cool. Although I haven't played futsal in my entire life, this is going to be a one hell of an experience.

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