Yay! Today I passes my QTI test. So damn happy. I was so bloody nervous just now. I kept making little mistakes. I didn't hit the accelerator hard enough. But now, it's over. I'll be taking my JPJ test before Chinese New Year. By then, if everything goes smoothly, I'll have my license. I'm still bloody nervous now. Couldn't really sleep last night. Was thinking about this test too much. At long last, it's completed. Hooray!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007 [DeathTeaM]†BlaNc† Sprayed.
I'm becoming a nervous wreck. I'm having my QTI test tomorrow. I fear I can't sleep tonight. I'm filled with anxiety. What if I screw up this test? What if I can't even go through the task inside the academy? I'm a fear freak. Besides that, I don't know what I'm saying. Hahaha!!

I only hope to do my best tomorrow. I hope luck's on my side. I've been doing nothing today. Watching TV, on the computer onlining, playing snooker on the laptop and more TV. Now I'm back in my room, onlining and playing snooker. It's amazing to see people who can create FLASH games. It's very interesting. I gotta learn it too.

Gosh. I'm getting more and more nervous as the clock ticks down. In about 13 hours, I'm taking my QTI test. I'm sure those who have taken it would say it's nothing. But for me, this is my forst time. Of course I'm nervous. Sigh. Signing out.!

Monday, January 29, 2007 [DeathTeaM]†BlaNc† Sprayed.
Another day according to me!!!
Today is kinda boring. I went for my driving lessons. My instructor told me that I'll be taking my QTI test next Tuesday. So nerve wrecking. But anyway, I hope I'll make it through.

Saw a bulletin on Friendster yesterday. New forum created by one of the #sandakan operators on mIRC. Not bad. I posted the most yesterday. 30+ posts. Hahaha. Maybe it's informative. I don't even know what the crap I said in there. Anyway, good luck to the new forum. I'll be supporting you guys. Hahah!!

Today is a special day for someone. Celestina, Happy Birthday. Today is your BIG day. In fact, it's a HUGE, GIGANTIC day. Stop being moody like you always do and be cheerful for once. Stop listening to those slow and sad sonngs. Listen to more POP, R&B, HIPHOP, etc etc... Yeah. These type of songs can make you cheerful. But in the HIPHOP genre, don't ever take Eminem's songs. Those are meaningful raps. He raps bout his sad childhood. Once again, happy birthday.

Thursday, January 25, 2007 [DeathTeaM]†BlaNc† Sprayed.
Another Boring Day!!!!!
Sigh.. Another boring day!!! I totally had nothing to do. So damn boring... No other words can describe it. Anywayz, Congratulations to Karen Kong on her album's debut Jan 15. It must be a momentous day for you. A milestone if your life. I told ya your albums will be flying off the shelves. I don't think I'll be able to find your album in Sandakan. So I asked my cousin to help me look for it in KK. I really hope that I can have an autographed copy.

This is Karen holding her album. Just released on Jan 15 2007. I've heard some of her songs. She ha a magnificent voice. She can bring her carrier into the international market. Good luck with you carrier.

Had my driving lessons today. It was kinda fun and hot. Drove alone in the academy. Goin here and there the whole time. Parking, bukit and the 3 penjuru. People say it was hard at the parking bit. But I don't think so. It was ok. Well, 3 penjuru was the easiest. Finished in 3 moves. If anyone fails in 3 penjuru, then you really must suck at driving. Driving at the 'bukit' was kinda tricky. So, I need lots of practise there. Funny thing is, I saw Tay Wei Hin today at the academy. I saw him doin the parking bit. Haha. I was kinda surprised. He could fit into the small KANCIL. Totally amazed.

Onlined for a long time today. Very few people onlined. Weekends are also the same. People now don't online anymore? Less than 10% of my MSN contacts online each day. This is so damn boring. Oh yeah. Brandon called me today. He wanted me to help him install a new anti-virus programme into his computer. Well, it's not easy dude. Most downloaded anti-virus programmes are trial programmes. Can only last about 15 days. So, I'll help you as much as I can. Maybe I should charge consultation fee since you always ask me to help you with your computer problems.

Thursday, January 18, 2007 [DeathTeaM]†BlaNc† Sprayed.
Such a boring holiday
I've had my holidays about a month now. I'm starting to get bored. I don't freakin know what to do now. Driving lessons are quite fun but it doesn't come everyday. I only get it about twice or thrice a week. So the rest of the days will be damn boring. What the heck can I do?

Well, I went back to school last Monday to get my UPU form. Surprised a lot of them already gotten it but never told me about it. What kinda friends are you guys. The least you can do is just tell me. What's so hard about that!

Denise: You are mean. You went to A.I. Cyber without calling me. You're not my friend de la!! It's my first time to see a cow that's an expert in slapping. Where are you from? Mars? Neptune? Hahaha!!!!

Celestina: Stick to one blog ler.. Since i know you, I think you've changed blog 3 times, if I'm not mistaken. Try to change the template ler. You always use that black background with highlighted fonts. People who look at it also will feel boring liao!!!

Oh My GOSH!! What the heck am I saying in here? This is pure crap. Hahaha... I'm feeling bored.. So I'm talking crap here!!! CNY is about a month away now. I'm gonna go to each and everyone's house aking for the red packet!! Hahaha!! Just kidding. If you invite me, I'll try to go ler! If I have my driving lisence already, I'll go. Coz transportation is a problem for me.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007 [DeathTeaM]†BlaNc† Sprayed.
My day according to ME...
It's a damn rainy day. In fact, it has been raining for almost a week now, non-stop. I so damn hate it. Well. I just came back from my driving lessons and thought this might be a good time to start blogging. Went through roads at Mile7. Man. The traffic jam was magnificent. It was like going through the sea. It was damn flooded. I pity those staying at Taman Fajar Perdana. They can't even get out of their house, unless they bought a 4WD. That's the only way they can get out of there. Or maybe they should buy a new SAMPAN. Quite useful for them to go around in this rainy weather. Anywayz, chatted with Donna for a little while last night. All I can say is, it's damn boring staying at home on a school day. I wish I could go back to school and meet up with some friends. It's much better to be in school with so many friends to play and chat with. It beats being home alone and facing your computer. Also chatted with Nathanael yesterday afternoon. We planned to go to that new cybercafe in Taman Tyng. Went there once with Samuel. Nice place. Then we will go and play pool. Never even played pool my entire life. This will be a first-time experience.

I'm just thinking about our school year last year. It was damn fun. What's left now are just memories from our happiness together. Most of them now are either in National Service camps or taking up foundation courses. Why the heck do you guys wanna take up those foundation courses so early? Now is actually time to relax our brains after a stressful year of SPM. Anywayz, That's all. ChiaoZZZ....

Thursday, January 11, 2007 [DeathTeaM]†BlaNc† Sprayed.
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