Friday, August 31, 2007 [DeathTeaM]†BlaNc† Sprayed.
My last day in Sandakan
Yup. Today is my last day in Sandakan. Gonna be back in KK tomorrow. Gonna miss my friends. They sure have spent a lot of time with me. Don't worry guys. You are always remembered.

Today was quite boring lar... Went to Rex's house and hung out there.. Lepak-lah. Nothing to do what! At about 12.30pm, Chiew sms-ed me to go for lunch. So Rex and I went off to Chiew's house to pick him up. Then we went for lunch at Sky Fast Food. Nice place with nice food.

After lunch, we went to play POOL. Oh yeah. That sport is one of my latest obsessions. I don't know why. But I really like that sport. You need complete concentration and also precision to put in the balls. Haha. I really like it. It's FUN.

But all fun things must come to an end, I gotta send those dudes home because my dad needs to use the car to fetch my mum. So sorry guys. I wish we could play longer. So then I sent the dudes home and immediately went back home. That's today. I really didn't do much today. I miss the gang. Hope one day we can have a full gang reunion. That will be fun!!

Thursday, August 30, 2007 [DeathTeaM]†BlaNc† Sprayed.
Another post!!!
The past few days were FUN. And I mean really fun. Been hanging out a lot with the guys. Last night, we had a gathering with almost everyone... ALMOST! Due to some of them were unable to go, we had the gathering also. It was fun. The firt person to arrive was Tina and Salmon(Samantha). They haven't changed much. But Samantha looks like a makcik already lar. Hahaha.. So fun. She and Tina still talk that much.

After that gathering, we then made another appointment with Sathiyaa, Kevin, Hareesh and Harikesh to meet up at Equator. Samantha, Chiew and I followed Tina's car. A Toyota WISH baby. Rich kid, ain't she?

We talked and talked until about 11pm. So Rex asked if anyone wanna play futsal the next morning. So, we were like OK. So they called another few guys to make up the number of 'missing' people. Hahahaha..

Today when I woke up, I saw Sathiyaa's message saying that the futsal game was cancelled because some idiots can't make it. I was like pissed off because I woke up quite early to get ready. So I reply to Sathiyaa " This is so fuc*ed up man". a minute later, Sathiyaa called me saying that the game was on. So I was like 'WTF????' Ok lar. He'll be fetching me as my car is in the workshop.

We were early to arrive at the court. So we paid the money and we started to play first. Then Rex came with a carload of people. So the game starts. Soon, Rex's father came and joined us. Damn. He's really fit.

Later at about 11.30am, the sound indicating that time is over sounded. So we went out of the court and got some rest before heading to Habeeb again. It's like a place that we always go for yumcha in Sandakan.

Now I'm sitting here relaxing. My feet hurts from all the running and kicking of the ball. Waiting for the time to take my shower and go to church.

Saturday, August 25, 2007 [DeathTeaM]†BlaNc† Sprayed.
Updates from Sandakan!!!
As you can see from the above title, I'm still in Sandakan. Hahaha. Time for some updates lar.. Today leh, I did my usual stuff. Nothing unusual-lah.

Well, the gang and I were supposed to go play futsal in the morning but ut was later postponed and then cancelled because there weren't enough players. Then I suggested we went for a drink in the afternoon. Sathiyaa then called me that he'll be picking me up for lunch with the guys at 11.30am. So I waited for them at home.

I was surprised to see Rex in fron of my front gate. When I opened the gate, I saw Chiew and Vimal. They came together with Rex. Later, Sathiyaa's car pulled in front of my car. With him was Gordon and Kevin. They lepak-ed around my house for a few minutes and then we went off to have our lunch at Taman Tyng. Later we went to play some pool and then went to a cybercafe to play CS. Since I don't know how to play CS, I played DotA instead.

After that, we went to Habeeb for a drink then Sathiyaa sent me home. After about an hour, Sathiyaa messaged me that the futsal game is on and he'll be fetching me at around 9.30pm. Cool. Although I haven't played futsal in my entire life, this is going to be a one hell of an experience.

Thursday, August 23, 2007 [DeathTeaM]†BlaNc† Sprayed.
I'm back!!!!
Yeah. I'm finally back in my hometown. Man, I was so damn happy. But the weather here is scorching hot. But I'm not complaining because the weather is the same everywhere. I think it's even hotter in KL. Pity those guys in KL man.

Since I was back, Rex called me out last night. I didn't know he'd be calling Kevin and Chiew. It was one hell of a night. Went back to school to see what are those campers doing. Camboree's going on. Quite boring lah this year. Too simple. Even hiking became an expedition to Scout's Nature Park.

Well, this morning, Chiew and I went back to school again for the closing ceremony of Camboree. Met Angie at the end of the closing ceremony. She told me that the NCO Training Camp is also going on. No wonder not much BB members joined Camboree.

Went to meet with Brandon this evening. He brought me to play pool. Being totally new in this sport, the shop owner taught me on how to play the game. It was fun. Gonna be back there soon. Hahaha! Chiew sms-ed me saying that they are free to go out tonight. But I feel lazy to go out tonight. I don't know why, but I don't feel like going out at night.

Now I'm back here in my room blogging. Just finished my dinner and also some desert. Haha. Yum yum. It's been a hell of a long time since I tasted my mum's delicious cooking. Gonna sign off now. There's gonna be updates on anything happening around soon.


Monday, August 20, 2007 [DeathTeaM]†BlaNc† Sprayed.
My last post in KK before leaving for Sandakan...
As you can see the topic above, I'm gonna be back in Sandakan soon. Next weekend I hope. My finals end on Saturday. So I hope to be back on Sunday. It's been more than a month since I was last back in Sandakan. But that was a very short trip. I don't even have any time to go out and meet with friends.

This time, I'll be back for also a short period of time. But it's much longer than the previous one. Next week is already my final examination for the first semester. OMG. I feel damn nervous now. Been spending time at the school library to study for all the 6 subjects but I don't know why those information can't be absorbed into my puny brain.

Maybe it's because there's too much information. But, I have to do it. I have no choice. I have to stuff all of it into my brain. I feel so much pressure already. Sometimes, I can't even sleep at night.

To tell you all the truth, I didn't even feel this much pressure when I was taking my SPM examinations. This is much more stressful than high school examinations. Sometimes I wonder whether I have taken the right course. But what the heck. I already chose this course and there's no turning back.

During the past week, I have been spending a lot of time in the school library studing for the coming examinations. The forst day is already a LAN subject. Moral Studies. This is the most hated subject. Maybe because it's a compulsary subject, maybe also because it is a boring subject. I thought that if we got credit for moral in SPM, we do not have to take this subject i college.

Well, too late to fret about this minor issues. Exam's starting at 8am on Monday. Gonna die hard trying. Too late for regrets. I hate Moral Education. I hate all the subjectstaught in college. Fark all of those subjects. It's giving me a hell of a headache now.

Friday, August 10, 2007 [DeathTeaM]†BlaNc† Sprayed.
More updatessss..
Time for some updates!!! Life's not treating me good. Assignment and presentation for English class on Monday. That really sucks. That idiot teacher should look at the date. It's a week before the finals. How idiot can she go?

Anyways, I completed my CSC127 assignement on time. Was so bloody happy to hand it in. At first thought, no more assignments need to be done. But when I started to think another few more minutes, I have this stupid english assignment and also presentation on Monday.

Well, Friday wasn't really a blast. I ended up waiting for my survey forms to do my English assignment the whole night. Well, at least my friend handed them to me this morning. At least I'm able to do it now. But, I'm so damn sleepy. Maybe it's because I haven't got myself enough sleep.

Oh damn. Now I gotta do my assignment. More updates next week, I hope!!!

2 more weeks before returning to Sandakan!!!!!Yayzzz!!!!

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