My Fourth Post!!!
My 5th week and fourth post is getting on. For the past 2 weeks, I really don't know what to post. Denise keeps on pestering meto update ler. Can't think of anything leh.

This week, my parents came over to visit me!!! Kekekeke!!! Very happy ler. I'm so damn homesick. I miss my hometown, my parents, my 2 dogs at home, my friends... Everything la... Why is life like this? Must part with everything you have. Sigh. Life sure is unfair.

Anywayz, today is like usual lah. Went to Wisma Merdeka jalan-jalan with my parents. For me, going there is like a boring thing to do. I've been there like every week of my stay here. I can even say that I'm bored of KK already. No place to go. When I was in secondary school, I was so excited when I get the chance to come here for the holidays. Haihs. I wanna go back to Sandakan.

No more chance for me to go back to Sandakan until the end of the semester. No more long holidays. Oh man. That really sucks. I really wanna go back last month, during the harvest festivals. Now, no more chance. Another 2 grueling months before I can finally go back to my hometown.

Haih. Nothing much to say anymore. So, I'm gonna sign off.....

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