NBA Playoffs
OMG.. The Playoffs is very entertaining this season.. Check out the Eastern and Western Conference play their asses off. For full scoreboard, check out this website:

Let's turn our attention to reigning champions, Miami Heat. Heat is going against Michael Jordan's former team, Chicago Bulls. Heat is not getting their rythm going for the first 3 of 7 games in the first round of playoffs. Heat lost all 3 games. Another lost and they automatically are out of the series. This means that a new champion will be crowned at the FINALS. What is happening to the combination of Wade and O'Neal? They are supposed to be unstoppable.

Now over to my favourite team, Los Angeles Lakers. They lost the forst two games but bounced back with a victory at the 3rd game. A very poor 2nd game as captain, Kobe Bryant scored only 15 points. Luckily he bounced back at the 3rd game with a whooping 41 points. Kobe is a top scoring guard in the NBA. 15 points is just not enough for the Lakers captain. Lakers, bounce back at the next game to tie the series.

For the rest of the teams, click on the link above.

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