Happy Easter
Easter Day is here. Time has been flying by. I just noticed that 4 months has just passed by this year. In another 3 weeks or so, I'll be leaving for KK to continue my studies.

KOTA members of St Mary's Church is working real hard to make this Easter event a real success. We started off with Holy Thursday mass. Nothing to it really for that mass. Everything went smoothly.

For the Good Friday mass, we had rehearsal that morning. Unable to get more boys for that day, everyone did double shifts. First time for me and some other guys. Some of them are used to this already. It was tiring that day but, it was a good day.

For the Easter Vigil mass, we also did a rehearsal. It was at 8.30 in the morning. Was struggling out of bed that morning. Hahaha. When I arrived there with my cousin, a rehearsal was also going on for the soon-to-be-baptised. So, we went up to the sunday school area where some of the boys are camping. It was fun up there. Drawings on the green board were altered to tell everyone out there about Kok Meng and his li'l crush. Kekeke.

Soon, we went back down to the church to start our rehearsal. After the rehearsal was about 11.30am. Well, at night, some of the boys didn't get their kesok's ready. In the end, we were shoer of 2 boys as they can't fins a complete set of kesoks. But everything went out fine tonight. I got the honour of carrying the Easter candle for the second straight year. It is very heavy. But it's only once a year. This year will be my final year serving mass. So I hope that the other boys will take care of all the duties.

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