Monday Night Raw
I watched the delayed broadcast of Monday night Raw on SuperSport. Highlight for the days was the revealing of the special guest enforcer for the BATTLE OF THE BILLIONAIRES at Wrestlemania 23. The idiotic owner, Mr McMahon went into the ring to give his idiotic speech before he was interrupted by Eric Bischoff. Anyways, he wasn't the guest enforcer. After that, Mick Foley went into the ring. Mr Mcmahon was so damn shocked as Foley was a hardcore wrestling legend. Well, he wasn't the special guest enforcer. Later, Shane McMahon walked into the ring. He called his dad out of the ring. He seem to have something very important to say. Then he whispered to his dad about the true special enforcer at Wrestlemania 23. Mr McMahon 's expression changed immediately. Then, the entrance song of another well-known wrestler came up. It was STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN. The RATTLESNAKE is in Phoenix. He went into the ring. Mr Mcmahon looked very petrified. Stone Cold did his trademark beer drinking in the ring. Spectacular.

In WRESTLEMANIA 23, main event will be the BATTLE OF THE BILLIONAIRES. Donald Trump against Vince McMahon. Trump's representative is the ECW World Champion, Bobby Lashley. McMahon's representative will be the Intercontinental Champion, Umaga, The Samoan Bulldozer.

On Tueaday Night ECW, Stone Cold made a special appearance. He talked about how he's going to referee the match. He said that he'll be a fait referee. Everything will go down the middle. Fair and square. And that's the bottomline coz STONE COLD sez so!!!

Stone Cold's trademark beer in the ring!!!!

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