This sucks!!!
Man.... I passed my JPJ test a couple of days ago. That's not the sucking part. The part comes when JPJ do not want to process my license until after the CNY holidays. What the F*** is this? My license was supposed to be released yesterday. I'm really frustrated. I was hoping to drive around during CNY but now, I'll kiss my dreams goodbye. Imagine, waiting 1 week for your hard earned drivers' license. Bloody hell. I was so damn happy when I finally passed my test. I thought that they would kindly reward me with my license the next day. But, those idiots working in JPJ Sandakan Branch sucked big time. They are bloody lazy not to make those license. We waited for so long for that moment. Can't they make us happy for once?

Saturday, February 17, 2007 [DeathTeaM]†BlaNc† Sprayed.
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