Such a boring holiday
I've had my holidays about a month now. I'm starting to get bored. I don't freakin know what to do now. Driving lessons are quite fun but it doesn't come everyday. I only get it about twice or thrice a week. So the rest of the days will be damn boring. What the heck can I do?

Well, I went back to school last Monday to get my UPU form. Surprised a lot of them already gotten it but never told me about it. What kinda friends are you guys. The least you can do is just tell me. What's so hard about that!

Denise: You are mean. You went to A.I. Cyber without calling me. You're not my friend de la!! It's my first time to see a cow that's an expert in slapping. Where are you from? Mars? Neptune? Hahaha!!!!

Celestina: Stick to one blog ler.. Since i know you, I think you've changed blog 3 times, if I'm not mistaken. Try to change the template ler. You always use that black background with highlighted fonts. People who look at it also will feel boring liao!!!

Oh My GOSH!! What the heck am I saying in here? This is pure crap. Hahaha... I'm feeling bored.. So I'm talking crap here!!! CNY is about a month away now. I'm gonna go to each and everyone's house aking for the red packet!! Hahaha!! Just kidding. If you invite me, I'll try to go ler! If I have my driving lisence already, I'll go. Coz transportation is a problem for me.

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