Christmas 2006
Christmas this year was kinda unexpected. The weather was really good. In fact, it was too good. It was so hot that even after i came out from the shower, I started to sweat. Anyways, I went visiting today. Went to a few houses. Not to friends house but to relatives house. My parents are close to them but not me. It was so hot that I almost fainted. Then at about 4pm, I finally got home. I felt the cool breezes of the wind blowing. Such a cool feeling. If the wind was blowing that way throughout the day, it sure is gonna be a real pleasant day.

During visiting hours, I ate too much. I can feel my stomach budging out. I really can't help myself. The food smelt so good. So I ate and ate and ate till I can't eat anymore. When I saw chocolate brownies being served, I started to DROOL. I love chocolate brownies. It is totally delicious. It feels like the entire cake is only made out of chocolate. The cake's texture was so smooth until you cant tell the difference between the cake and the chocolate topping on the brownies.

Anyways, after visiting hours, I couldn't wait to open at least one of my presents. So I opened a present which which was given to me by my ever-loving cousins. I opened the box. I was quite curious to find almost the entire box was stuffed with newspaper. After removing it, I found a pen with the middle finger right at the top of the pen. Sam and Ben, I'm totally speechless. Where did you guys get the idea of giving me this gift? However, I really appreciate it. You make it easy for me to scold people. Hahaha.!

Tomorrow's Boxing Day. I wonder why they call it Boxing Day. You don't even box people that day. Wierd name for a joyous day like that. I get the enjoyment of ripping wrapping paper and be surprised of the things stuffed inside. However, there are 2 gifts that I already opened. The 1st one if about the middle-fingered pen I said earlier. The 2nd one is a 2GB pen drive. Quite cheap now anyways. However, thanks for the gifts again. I really appreciate it. I'm gonna treasure it.

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