My week...
I can say that I had a good week... 1 thing is i passed my exam average. Still got a little scolding though. But it was better than getting some pep talk. Sigh, I'm wondering who in this world created exams. If I knew who it was, I'll teach tat person a lesson that he/she will never forget. Exams are a nuisance(is that how you spell it?). Now, I'm going to sit for my SPM examinations starting on the 16th of November starting with Accounts paper. The end is on the 4th of December, Biology paper, my worst subject. Can't even understand it. Anywayz, I'll be flying off the next day(05.12.2006) to KK. At last, I'm going to do my christmas shopping in KK this time. Gonna get me lotsa discs this time.

This picture is actually the former US Championship Belt that John Cena used to wear. The whle thing looks like a turntable. So, you spin it in the middle. This belt is only worn by Cena. Other superstars who won this belt wore the traditional US Championship belt.

Take a look at the REAL WWE Championship belt. Made of 14k gold and is studded with diamonds. The title is really cool. WWE logo can be spinned. Man, I wish I could have that championship belt.

Friday, November 03, 2006 [DeathTeaM]†BlaNc† Sprayed.
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