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This is the ChainGang Assault Battalion Logo. Anyone who has this is a ChainGang member around the world. Cena for life, ChainGang for life.

Look at this WWE Championship Belt. Isn't it a beauty? Unfortunately, this picture only shows the replica. The real spinner belt is made out of 14K gold and is diamond studded. The belt is modified by its current holder, John Cena. The same thing happened when he was the US Champion back when Cena was in Smackdown. The whole title belt looked like turntable(what the DJ's use to play). Cena was a hiphop dude. Rock on Cena. ChainGang for life.

Man. It's such a damn boring day. I'm almost bored to death. Sitting here alone in my room, doing nothing. Can't even think of a song to download or maybe even a movie. Sucks big time. Anywayz, spent my day mostly cooped up in my room, going for tuition(the only time I can ever meet my friends), then going to the basketball court. Now, I'm cooped back in my room. Seems like there isn't anything better to do. Maybe I should kill myself now. Really bored. No place to go. Thought that maybe I can find someone to chat to. But, very few people online. Most of them is beyond recognition. I don't even know them. Sigh, if this continues, I don't know what am I going to do with the rest of my life. Hey you people out there, any songs that you can introduce me? How about movies?

Thursday, October 26, 2006 [DeathTeaM]†BlaNc† Sprayed.
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