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Man.. It was so damn boring today. It got really boring till I listened back to some of my old songs, mainly YellowCard's ONLY ONE. Man.. That song woke me up. Really, really enjoyed that song till I followed singing the whole song. Never did this kinda things cross my mind, but it was really fun. Really enjoyable. Gotta go and re-download that song. Later, looked back at my Friendster profile and watched back the video I posted. John Cena FU'd K-Fed. A history that made WWE fans really happy. That dude has attitude problems. With his new album, Playing With Fire coming out to sores worldwide Oct31, he's destroying his chances of making the billboard. Anywayz, he's fame and fortune is totally built-in. Guess who his wife is? Yeah, you got that right. Britney Spears. I still remember what Cena said when he was doin his FreeStyle. " If K-Fed wasn't around, I'd be spearin Britney". Man.. That was totally cool. Still remember what I saw on WWE RAW last night. Cena told Booker that he lost his status as a black man coz he supported K-Fed's latest album. Then Ron Simmons, WWE's former wrestler for team APA, came out and said only a word, "DAMN". Those words are the reason why Cena said Booker lost his black man status. Watching Raw was really enjoyable. Can't they have it at a more suitable time? Can't even get a chance to watch it coz it's on a weekday and delayed telecast.

Friday, October 27, 2006 [DeathTeaM]†BlaNc† Sprayed.
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