Graduation day...
Today is graduation day.. Yayz.. Quite excited really. First time going on stage to perform something. Actually, it wasn't quite bad. My class performed Samson's "Kenangan Terindah". With very few time to perform, we actually did all our practices in our own classroom. Those idiots whop organised this event should tell us earlier that we had to perform today. Unlucky for us, it started to rain when we started to perform. Irwansah was too fast when getting into the 2nd chorus. Kinda spoiled the whole thing for us. We kinda had about 2 days to get prepared. That includes today. Anyways, it was a really enjoyable moment. Will not forget this for the rest of my life.

Ever really wondered what you're gonna do when you finished your secondary education? I don't really know what I should take in college. Should I go for A-Levels? Should I continue studying Form 6? Should I go into a foundation course? I really can't make up my mind.

Anyways, We were released from school quite early today. Saw the whole Cyberlinq team painting the outer part of the school. I wanted to help though. But, I was really, really tired. Sore throat. Can't stand the HEAT any longer. What kinda weather are we having here? At that moment, it was raining heavily. The next moment, the sunshines brightly in the sky. Sigh...

This is my class. The craziest class in the history of Sung Siew. Even the teachers can't control it(with a few exceptions).

1st row(Standing) L-R - Michael, Me, Bryan Chong, Kennet, Easter, Rex, Irwansah, Fung Chee Chung, Liow Ket Ken, Lai Kien Loong, Chok Hon Kean.

2nd row L-R - Shim Yee Kyun, Ho Tze San, Regina Chan, Melissa Eng, Chin Jo Jo, Evan Chai, Evelyn, Mah Tze Wai, Carmann Ho, Chin Fui Han.

3rd row L-R - Siti Khairunissa, Azzah, Lisa Cham, Siti Noranisah, Mahidah, Muafah, Yasika, Siti Fashehah, Suriati, Charlene Hiew.

4th row(seated) L-R - Samantha Sai, Liau Wan Sin, Samantha Lee, Chan Xin Hui, Chak Meun Tshun, Mr Mohd(Class Teacher), Nur Izaty, Nurul Ain, Nur Fatihah.

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