Wonderful Day!!!
Yesterday was a wonderful day! Spent my day out. Went out with Anthony to DINO INTERNET. Well, I can't say it was totally fun that time. But well, I'm a noob playing DotA. Never played it in my entire life. So, I thought maybe I'd give it a try. So, I did. Met Ng Yung Hong and Lee Hao Yen at the cyber. Those two idiots challenged me and Anthony to a match. Well, I thought let's join the fun. I don't care if I'm a noob or not. It's just for fun. At about 3pm, we left there and went for a drink.

At night, My instructor sent me my drivers' license. But at that time, I was out. I went to Star Cineplex for the premier show of ROCKY BALBOA 6. The final addition to the Rocky Balboa series. Well, The ticket didn't cost me a cent. My uncle brought me there. The ticket costs RM50 coz it's in aid of charity organised by Lions Club of Selingan. The movie wasn't quite interesting at the starting part. But at the end, it was fabulous. The boxing part was magnificent. 1 bad thing about the cineplex is they don't know how to adjust the volume. It was so damn loud at the ending part until I have to close my ears. Mr Beans' Vacation the movie will be out in March. Be sure to catch it. It is very funny.

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