Giant Hypermarket, Sandakan
I finally got the chance to go into that freakin huge hypermarket. I got to see the 4 HUGE generator sets they used. That's because they don't depend completely on SESB. Good for them. SESB is freakin lame. Blackouts are starting again.

Well, back to the topic!! Once I got in there, I was surprised that there are a whole lot of shops inside. Record shop, optical shop, KFC, Pizza Hut( I won't have to go to Kim Fung restaurant anymore), bakery, LAZO DIAMOND. So gals, feast your eyes on the jewelry.

Going in a little bit more is the hypermarket. Anything you wanna find, you can find it. You want to get fresh food, fruits? You can get it there. But the prices, you can find it much cheaper at the Kim Fung market. Non-Halal items are also available.

Some items there are cheaper than any other supermarkets but some are more expensive. There is one thing that caught my eye. Check outside of the entrance. You can see a whole lot of shopping trolleys. It has more than Servay, Parkwell, and Tai Chung's shopping trolleys combined. As far as I remember, there are 4 lines of trolleys. Each line has more or less than 100 shopping trolleys. Cool huh?

The place is so freaking jammed with shoppers. Who says Sandakan people are poor? They are freaking rich. I even heard that the security guard hv 2 restrict people from entering the place due to human congestion. Hahaha.

So take the chance to go and visit that damned place. I can't even get to see the whole place clearly.

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