My 2nd College Post!
Well, this is gonna be my 2nd post. I was supposed to update this during last weekend, but I can't freaking login into blogger. Until today, I still have this problem. I went through a long way to enable myself to update my blog. BLOGGER, you're going down soon if you don't solve this problem.

Anyways, last week was my first week of college life. Not much work for the first week. But a heavy burden is felt on my shoulders. All lecturers have about 3 months to complete all their sylabusses. This means they will be flying past each chapter. For my class' General Studies and Business Studies, we are already into chapter 2 this week. Imagine it. 1 chapter in1 week. I'm so freaking miss high school life.

I thought that college library is supposed to be open at night where students can find a nice place to study. Not for INTI Sabah. Colege library closes at 5.30pm. This means, when there is an assignment to do and no laptop, you're on your own. Is this the way a college operates?

Another thing that I noticed since I enrolled into INTI is... Pictures from the brochure and the real thing is a very, very, very huge difference. However, students are really friendly here. I got to know the INTIMA president the 1st or 2nd day of the semester.

Man. Life is hectic now. I'm having Basic Maths and Moral Education tomorrow. I so hate those 2 subjects. Our basic maths teacher, Mr Billy, is like a new lecturer.. Fresh out from college. He follows examples from his notebook, which is really hard to do. Keeps doing shortcuts. When my friend and I ask him for extra exercises, he ask us to go and photostat the exercises from the thick reference book he's using, College Maths. That's still OK la. But when we went into the library to search for it, cannot find la!!! That totally pissed me off.

Moral Education class doesn't piss me off like that Basic Maths teacher does. At least Mr Lai is much more interesting. He's quite a funny guy. But he's lectures are quite boring. I'll bear with ya, Mr Lai.

Time to sign out already. Having afternoon lectures tomorrow from 1-5pm. Sleepy again!!!

*signing off*

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