First College Post
Yo yo yo yo yo.. My first blog since I left Sandakan for college. Currently at the library waiting for classes to start at 11am. Don't think that this is fun. There must be a certain catch in order for classes to start so early. My classes will end at 5pm today. How'd ya like that now.

I've been goin for classes for 3 days now. Not including today lar, since I haven't been into the lecture hall yet. Sigh. Even with 6 subjects, I feel like a tonne of burden on my shoulders. Don't think that I'm crazy since I'm only taking up 6 subjects while in secondary school I'm took 11 subjects. Don't forget that subjects in college and in secondary school are totally different. F*** the education world.

Now is about 10.10am. Am still waiting for classes to commence. I'll try to do more updates this weekend. So chiaoz for now..

*Signing OFF*

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