More updatessss..
Time for some updates!!! Life's not treating me good. Assignment and presentation for English class on Monday. That really sucks. That idiot teacher should look at the date. It's a week before the finals. How idiot can she go?

Anyways, I completed my CSC127 assignement on time. Was so bloody happy to hand it in. At first thought, no more assignments need to be done. But when I started to think another few more minutes, I have this stupid english assignment and also presentation on Monday.

Well, Friday wasn't really a blast. I ended up waiting for my survey forms to do my English assignment the whole night. Well, at least my friend handed them to me this morning. At least I'm able to do it now. But, I'm so damn sleepy. Maybe it's because I haven't got myself enough sleep.

Oh damn. Now I gotta do my assignment. More updates next week, I hope!!!

2 more weeks before returning to Sandakan!!!!!Yayzzz!!!!

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