It's been awhile since I updated this blog... It's been a really busy time for me... Just handed in my assignment for my General Studies subject this morning. It's one hell of a long project, but it's finally done.
Now, I have other assignments to do. Luckily, I have 2 short assignments, which can be done in a day or two, a group assignment which I am almost completing and also another individual assignment!!
Hectic time.. Mum used to ask me why am I so free at the start of the semester.. I told her that now is actually time to rest. Wait till the 2nd half of this semester. What I said was true. In the 2nd half of this semester, all the assignments came at once. ALL AT ONCE. This is the first time I've seen all assignments coming at once. Never experienced this in secondary school.
I guess college life is like that. But this is only the foundation programme. If we're already being so busy in the first semester of the foundation programme, I can't imagine how busy we're going to be when we're in the degree programme.
My final exam is going to be on the 13th of august, which is about 3 weeks from now. Then after that, I'm going back to Sandakan. HOORAYYY... I miss Sandakan so badly. But the exact date is not confirmed as the exam timetable is only the 2nd draft. Should know the final exam timetable next week and then I can confirm my exact date of going back to Sandakan.
Been doing my moral folio for the past 2hours now. Still left some parts to finish. After that, I can call this assignment complete. Lucky that this is a short assignment.
Well.. gotta go finish my assignment..


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