It's been a hell long of a time since I last updated my life. Hahaha.. That's because I'm stuck in college and without a laptop and wireless to update. Besides, I don't like to update my life in school. Prefer to do it in privacy. That's what you can't get at the computer labs.

Well, back to the topic. Been pretty busy for the past 2 weeks. Asignments pouring in. Still stuck with 3 assisgnments. No laptop means no doing project during the weekends. That's why I've been searching for laptop models and I came across Acer's newest laptop. Just launched recently. The price is pretty reasonable. I ordered it today at a computer shop, which belongs to my uncle's friend. Fastest that I can get it is by Monday or Tuesday. Cool. I'll immediately call Mr Daniel to register my laptop so I can get the wireless access.

Went to do some shopping fo my presentation attire. I feel uneasy wearing those kinda attire. You know what kind of attire??? FORMAL. Yeah. FORMAL attire. Have to wear necktie again. Not used to those kind of attire. Makes me look like a monkey. I'm more to the t-shirt and jeans. Hahahaha. Maybe you all will say that I will look much more mature. But it makes me look lik a big joke. No kidding.

Am going back to Sandakan next Friday. So happy to go back. I have a long line of activities to do. From the second I step on Sandakan soil until I step on the plane back to KK. Will definitely call all my buddies for a basketball game. Haven't been playing basketball eversince I arrived here. My game's gone down. I don't feel like it here. I feel something missing . You guessed it. My buddies. It doesn't feel right playing basketball without them. So agenda #1 when I'm back in Sandakan is basketball game at about 5pm. Any of my buddies reading my posts, take note.

I don't know how and I don't know why I am obsessed with a certain song now. Maybe it's the music that has me obsessed. Maybe it's the lyrics. If you refer back to Saturday's post, It's the song lyrics for the song I'm currently obsessed with. Am listening to it now while I'm typing this post. Hahaha.

That's about what I have to update. We'll see when I have the mood to update it because we have wireless connection at the college now. Cheers y'all.

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