I'm back!!!!
Yeah. I'm finally back in my hometown. Man, I was so damn happy. But the weather here is scorching hot. But I'm not complaining because the weather is the same everywhere. I think it's even hotter in KL. Pity those guys in KL man.

Since I was back, Rex called me out last night. I didn't know he'd be calling Kevin and Chiew. It was one hell of a night. Went back to school to see what are those campers doing. Camboree's going on. Quite boring lah this year. Too simple. Even hiking became an expedition to Scout's Nature Park.

Well, this morning, Chiew and I went back to school again for the closing ceremony of Camboree. Met Angie at the end of the closing ceremony. She told me that the NCO Training Camp is also going on. No wonder not much BB members joined Camboree.

Went to meet with Brandon this evening. He brought me to play pool. Being totally new in this sport, the shop owner taught me on how to play the game. It was fun. Gonna be back there soon. Hahaha! Chiew sms-ed me saying that they are free to go out tonight. But I feel lazy to go out tonight. I don't know why, but I don't feel like going out at night.

Now I'm back here in my room blogging. Just finished my dinner and also some desert. Haha. Yum yum. It's been a hell of a long time since I tasted my mum's delicious cooking. Gonna sign off now. There's gonna be updates on anything happening around soon.


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