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The past few days were FUN. And I mean really fun. Been hanging out a lot with the guys. Last night, we had a gathering with almost everyone... ALMOST! Due to some of them were unable to go, we had the gathering also. It was fun. The firt person to arrive was Tina and Salmon(Samantha). They haven't changed much. But Samantha looks like a makcik already lar. Hahaha.. So fun. She and Tina still talk that much.

After that gathering, we then made another appointment with Sathiyaa, Kevin, Hareesh and Harikesh to meet up at Equator. Samantha, Chiew and I followed Tina's car. A Toyota WISH baby. Rich kid, ain't she?

We talked and talked until about 11pm. So Rex asked if anyone wanna play futsal the next morning. So, we were like OK. So they called another few guys to make up the number of 'missing' people. Hahahaha..

Today when I woke up, I saw Sathiyaa's message saying that the futsal game was cancelled because some idiots can't make it. I was like pissed off because I woke up quite early to get ready. So I reply to Sathiyaa " This is so fuc*ed up man". a minute later, Sathiyaa called me saying that the game was on. So I was like 'WTF????' Ok lar. He'll be fetching me as my car is in the workshop.

We were early to arrive at the court. So we paid the money and we started to play first. Then Rex came with a carload of people. So the game starts. Soon, Rex's father came and joined us. Damn. He's really fit.

Later at about 11.30am, the sound indicating that time is over sounded. So we went out of the court and got some rest before heading to Habeeb again. It's like a place that we always go for yumcha in Sandakan.

Now I'm sitting here relaxing. My feet hurts from all the running and kicking of the ball. Waiting for the time to take my shower and go to church.

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