Another boring post!!
Been back to Sandakan last weekend. It was fun. I LOVE it. Been thinking os Sandakan ever since my 2nd semester started. DAMN. Went out with the guys on Sunday night as there is a MUSIC FESTIVAL going on at Good Sheperd Church Hall. The whole bunch of us was there as Harikesh, Hareesh and Elliot's team was performing that night.

It was fun. Met quite a lot of people that I haven't met in ages. We stayed there until almost 11pm. Then we went to Taman Tyng for yum-cha. Then we went to play pool until about 12.30am . It wasn't long because the shop was closing. Anyhow, it was fun.

Then Monday came. I gotta get back to KK. Damn. I already started to miss Sandakan when I left my house for the airport. While waiting at the airport, I saw Ps. Ngui, my former BB company's chaplain. It's been ages since I last met her. We had quite a long chat. She then asked me whether I want to join back in the BB ministry. So I thought, sure. Why not? After all, I don't have anything to do during the weekends. Might as well spend my weekends at BB.

So, been suffering from classes for about 2 days now. Lucky for me, I had a day of rest after going to 6 hours of class everyday. Tomorrow, I have Maths and also Malaysian Studies again. I'm freaking bored right now. I'm just gonna sign off now.

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