I went to watch "THE INCREDIBLE HULK" with the whole bunch of INTI College students and staff. The entire show is a charity viewing and it costs RM10 per ticket for ordinary students, RM9 for R&R members and RM50 for VIP tickets.. Free seating too.. Not bad.. Hahaha..

The show was held at the new Growball Cineplex at Palm Square, Centre Point.. That place is damn nice laaa.. Bigger viewing halls, more comfortable seats and also better sound system..

This is the outer view of the new Growball Cineplex at Palm Square, Centre Point..

Another view from outside.. Notice the big screen that shows comng attractions.. Damn big and also damn clear.. Whooo~

Growball Fun Square.. More interesting games to play.. More Initial D's.. ^^

Took this at Hall 8.. Sorry about the bad picture.. It was so damn dark...

Now I'm waiting to view the new Golden Screen Cinema at 1Borneo.. My friends say that the place is really big and also really nice... When I get the chance to go there, I'll sure to take some pictures to update u all ^^

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