Price Hike
Starting today, petrol and diesel prices will increase.. Petrol will increase by 80cents. WTF!! With this price hike, electricity prices will also increase.. Increased by at least 20%... It's totally ridiculous to increase the price of fuel by so much... Don't they ever think of the lower income people in Malaysia?? The ministers sure don't feel a thing.. Because our parents who pay tax also pays for their petrol... Why the hell can't they increase it stage-by-stage?? It would be so much better that way.. This way, lower income group will not really feel the burden of refuelling their petrol tanks... I think those using diesel powered vehicles feel the same as diesel price increased by RM1. But then, diesel is actually a little bit more cheaper than petrol... But then, the tension is there...

It's totally ridiculous... The government can't do this... They don't think of the people... With this price hike, everything will also start to increase... If the government wants to increase fuel price, then they should give a salary rise too.. Then that would be a little bit fair towards the people.... The government better not complain too much when the people starts asking for salary increase or they will be in so much trouble..

Enough about this.. The government sure knows how to spoil its citizen's mood... I jst downloaded Busta Rhymes and Linkin Park's collaboratin single "We Made It". It's quite a nice song... I also got to know a band that has been around but i never knew of its existance, ATREYU... Their single "Falling Down" is kinda cool.. They're gonna be on Projekt Revolution's Revolution Stage.. They're more on the metal genre.. But who cares?? Their songs ROCK... Hahaha...

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