Whooo.. Just came back from 1Borneo... That place is so damn big... Haven't finish exploring the place yet....

The weather today is so damn cloudy... Spoil the mood of going out laa.. Took this at the Tanjung Aru junction..

Guess what shop is this.. Hahaha... The first shop I saw after going into the mall is this shop~

3point6 shop at 1Borneo HyperMall..

Mickey Shop.. Same outlet with 3point6, I guess.. I think 1st Mickey shop in Sabah laa..

Echo Park.. The clothing line is so damn cool... They have large plasma's that's showing AND1 MIXTAPE~~

EX.. Nice clothes... Inside got ALI's clothing line again...

The pic on the wall... So damn cool...

Tune Shop.. It's really big.. Just like Pacific Ngiu Kee in Centre Point.. You can practically find everything there..

Golden Screen Cinema at the 2nd Floor of 1Borneo.. Nice place.. But didn't get the chance to go in and watch movie...

Sushi King... 1st in Sabah?? Maybe.. I also don't know...

Jazz Festival at 1Borneo.. Nice music... I don't really like jazz music, but after listening to them, it totally changed my thinking about jazz music..

Benny Chan and Karen Kong at 1Borneo tomorrow.. Go and meet them..

Not everything is pricey there like some people mentioned.. Some are quite reasonable.. Like an ALI tshirt cost almost RM40. Still OK la.. You should go and try to visit 1Borneo one day.. It's so big.. I bet 1 day is not enough to walk around the entire place... There's still some shops yet to be opened.. So by the nwxt few weeks, the whole place will be fully opened...

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