Hahaha... Haven't been updating for quite a long time now.. Nothing much happened actually.. So I haven't been bothered to blog.. Well, I've been playing a couple of new games lately.. Cabal and also XDO.. Well, XDO isn't quite new... Cabal is quite OK lahh.. But I think it's not my type of game.. Baru level 9 in Cabal.. Really slow... On the other hand, XDO is quite fun.. Hahaha.. Level 15 already.. Nt bad ehh??

There is a certain spammer spamming in my cbox these few days.. That person's nickname is Human. Well Human, No matter how much you spam, I can still delete them all.. U think I'm stupid not to administer my cbox?? Anyways, stop spamming as spammers are lamers.. U know what is lame?? Judging by your character, I think you wouldn't know.. Why don't you go get yourself a dictionary, open it up, and then search for the word 'LAME'.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008 [DeathTeaM]†BlaNc† Sprayed.
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The blog is back ON! Not really frequent updates, but you will find updates every week.