Valentine's Day
Was at 1Utama with my friends yesterday.. It was Valentine's Day.. 1Utama is packed.. There were people everywhere.. Hot chicks were everywhere too.. But unfortunately, they had their guy with them.. So, we can't aim them for too long.. We were supposed to watch movie at 1U yesterday.. But then, the movie we wanted to watch was full house.. So we decided not to watch.. Instead, we hanged around in the mall.. We turned our "radars" on for hot chicks... Don't forget cute chicks too.. There was a lot of girls there.. Headed for ground floor from the 1st floor (GSC was at the 4th floor), we saw people lining up for ice cream.. So we also lined up... We saw the MC pulling one of the couples out of the line to play a game.. After they did it, they were given 1 box of cornettos... After getting the ice cream, we ate and walked around.... Then we got back in the line to get another ice cream... Hahaha..

We actually walked until we didn't know which floor we were... Ended up having dinner at Burger King since we didn't know that there was Carls Jr at another floor.. Then we walked around until about 10.30pm.. We went to some household store and played with almost every single gadget there was in the shop... My friends could turn anything into a toy to play with... Damn fun to hang around with them...

Got back to hostel at about 11.30pm.. Took my bath and gamed with them until 2am.. I can say it was one of the best days ever la... Never had this much fun before...

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