New Year Resolution
This year... I'm gonna make 2 resolutions...

1. I'm not gonna go into any relationships

My experiences in the past 2 relationships had made me be aware of females... It's not that I don't like them, but they tend to break my heart... If you never wanted to start a relationship, then don't hold on to it.. Imma also gonna avoid making too much friends with females... I'm gonna keep some distance... I don't mean to disrespect... Don't blame me for doing this... Blame your fellow females for forcing me to do this drastic decision... You 2 girls know who you bloody are... People who really are my friends also know who they are...

2. I'm gonna change my study ways

I've been thinking back of my study ways during my 2 years in college... I never start revising my lessons until the last minute... So from next semester onwards, I'm gonna start revising early.. This is also to prepare me for my Year 2 degree, which I heard is gonna be pretty damn hectic... Maybe this time I can get better results...

It's pretty straight forward and plain simple... If you understand english, you can understand what I'm saying... You dig?

Peace out!!

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