Been listening back to some of the songs I have downloaded in the past but haven't been listening often.. One of it is Rev Theory's HELL YEAH.. This is the band that played Randy Orton's new entrance theme "Voices"... As you can hear when you enter my blog, that's Voices by Rev Theory.. And it's currenly my message theme.. Hahaha..

I just finished watching the entire episode of WWE SmackDown on YouTube.. Thank God for this website.. Hahah.. At WWE Summerslam, the highlights are:

- Triple H vs The Great Khali for the WWE Championship Match
- Edge vs The Undertaker in HELL IN A CELL Match
- Mark Henry vs Matt Hardy for the ECW CHampionship

For those who don't know who The Great Khali is.. You may have watched him act in the movie GET SMART which also featured Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.. This dude is damn huge.. He's over 7 foot tall and weighs about 420 pounds... Damn.. He's just a little lighter than Big Show...

Got Jordan Chan ooo... Hahahaha...

And here is Rev Theory's Hell Yeah for your enjoyment.

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