Dark Knight
I just came back from watching the DARK KNIGHT movie at Growball Cinemax. The movie was OK.. Unlike claims from other people that said it sucked or something.. The movie was worth my RM5.. Hahaha.. Student price.. I just love Growball for this.. I wonder if I can get movie tickets at a cheaper price in KL?? Just wondering..

In another month or two, I'll be moving over to Nilai to continue my studies.. I'm kinda nervous because it's a new environment.. Gotta make new friends and stuff..I'm curious about the place.. I saw the whole campus in a pamplet or something.. Whoaaaa.. It's so damn huge.. I even heard that walking from the hostel to the college building takes about 10-15 minutes?? Is it true?? A new environment kinda freaks me out sometimes..

It took me about a semester(about 15 weeks) to get used to my place now in KK.. Because of being alone, I have no one that I could simply trust.. So practically, I'm all alone.. It took me that long to find someone I could trust.. Someone that can go along with me quite well.. Anyways, I'm accepting the challenge.. ^^

Karnival Makanan is gonna be held on the 7th of next month at UMS.. I'm so gonna go.. Food, food and more food... Just can't stop thinking of food.. Hahaha...

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