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Question: What do you do when someone fucks you up real bad?
Answer: You fuck them up as well la.. What is there to be scared of? I'm human, you're human.. If I die then maybe it's my time lorr.. I don't give a shit about it lorr.. You wanna fuck me up? Please do so.. But then I'm gonna fuck you up like the little bitch you are.. I'm gonna fuck you up 1000 times worse than what you have done to me. You'll notice that what you did is just child's play... You think you are so great and all that arr..?? Please.. You're worse than me..

I suddenly thought of this question so I'm posting my answer here...
It sounds kinda like I wanna kill someone..
But the fact is, I do feel that way...

I never try to piss people off..
I try my best to be nice to everyone..
So please do not treat me badly lorrr...
I will treat u back 1000x badder than ever...

Sunday, February 28, 2010 [DeathTeaM]†BlaNc† Sprayed.
My wall, my rule.
You don't like my blog, Get lost. You hate me, don't bother to come in. F*ck off my blog if you're a hater. Playa's are welcome.


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