Sabah F2000 Powerboat World Cup
It was quite a fun day today. Went out with Ah Chin and Vimal to meet up with Chiew at Centre Point. Had breakfast at McDonald as we didn't have our breakfast yet. So, we chatted for quite some time as we haven't meet for quite a long time.

Then we went our own ways as Chiew has to go and pack his things to move to his relative's house. Ah Chin, Vimal and I went to Waterfront to watch the F2000 Powerboat World Cup. Today is the first day and also the qualifying round. There were so many people there.

The best place to view it is from K Box until the market in front of Le Meridian Hotel. The pit area is behind the market. Managed to get a few pics but it kind of sucked as I also don't know what happened to my cellphone. Managed to get a video of the qualifying round as well. But it was kind of blurry. My cellphone sucks. Advise to people who want to buy a new cellphone, DO NOT buy N73. You will regret it.

The crowd at K Box at Waterfront...

One of the boats in the pit area..

The welcome banner at Waterfront.

The qualifying lap is underway.

This video is shot from my N73. Dunno why it's so blurr... But it shows the qualifying round for the Powerboat race.

Anyways, I just got home. Hahaha.. Damn tired but it's a fun day. Now I gotta hit the books to prepare for my finals...

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