Starting of 3rd semester...
Damn... Only 2hours of class today. MAT108.. Haihz... Have to repeat this subject.. How I hate maths... Damn it... Spent my entire day at my new dorm.. Did nothing actually.. Just onlined and chatted and played DotA.. Hahaha.. Boring life right?? I thought so... LOL.. I'm going back home soon.... CNY is around the corner.... YEAH... More angpow's on the way!! Hehehehe!!!

Thursday, January 03, 2008 [DeathTeaM]†BlaNc† Sprayed.
My wall, my rule.
You don't like my blog, Get lost. You hate me, don't bother to come in. F*ck off my blog if you're a hater. Playa's are welcome.


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